SCN Future Building Program

It's never been easier to create
multiple bitcoins worth of digital currency!

We are building the future

A few years ago, we dreamed up a standalone community economic trading platform that anyone, anywhere in the world can join. Today, this community has around 40,000 registered users from 169 countries, thousands of whom are the first swallows to actively use our tools:

  • they have issued their own exchange,
  • they can self-credit with their smart collateral,
  • they buy and sell on our live and online marketplaces,
  • and they have accumulated several bitcoins worth of SCN assets through our savings schemes.

Indeed, the most dedicated ones, learning the system’s workings, mentor both new members who are eager to get acquainted and those who have ventured further and seen the imagination and potential for sustainable growth in the future of the economic and commercial system.

The Smart Crypto Note (SCN) now offers you an unparalleled opportunity to easily build a high-value purchasing framework for yourself by participating in the Future Builder Program and be among the first in your own environment to join the global, technology-driven digital community-economy bloodstream.

Why is this an advantage?

With our Future Building Program, you can acquire SCN assets at an ultra-discounted fixed rate with fixed monthly payments:

  • you will build your SmartBacking,
  • have a Purchase Facility
  • and can issue Exchange Assets.

With the initial amount and the first instalment, you will be a full member of the system, which means you will be free to buy, trade and invest through the future social economy platform.

What do we get out of the Program?

Smart Money, a Purchase Facility and an Exchange Facility – we have the flexibility to use these if we want to buy or if we are looking to pass on and sell the benefits we have gained within the community.

Ecofunding = BiTHard (BTH)
Purchase framework = CoverNotePool (CNP)
Medium of exchange = CoverNote (CN).

SCN Future Building Program

Let's look at the discounts and extra benefits for early arrivals:

  1. Discount: instead of the current USD/BTC exchange rate, a total of 12000 USD will be paid in total for the Future Builder Program worth 1 BTC. For this amount, we will immediately receive our Purchase Allocation and can create our own Replacement Asset.

  2. We will receive HARDs as a gift, 36 HARDs for 1 BTC – but only until 15 October. After October 16th, this will be reduced to 35, and then every month and a half it will be reduced by 1 more until it reaches 8.

    HARDs are „coupons” which are converted into BiTHards, i.e. BTHs, every 1000, and can be used, for example, as a smart card to buy a Purchase Allowance (subject to a minimum fee) to issue your own Replacement Asset – and you can buy it on the internal market.

    The description is for the 1 BTC scheme, the differences for the ½ BTC scheme are written next to it in a summary with just the numbers, and at the top of the text we indicate where you can see the numbers for the 0.5 scheme. This changes (we write it to make it fit)

  3. We can now also set up our Purchase Facility at a very low cost: today, we only have to pay less than USD 2 for a USD 40 SCN asset. (This discount is reduced by 1% per day.)

Who can benefit from these discounts?

This opportunity, which is much more than a savings program, is only available to those who join before the end of the year. After that, it will still be worth joining SCN, as the scheme will continue to provide safe growth for participants’ assets, but the development schedule means that the extra benefits for initial joiners will only be available for a short period (until the end of this year).

Start your own Future Builder Program now
and create your multi-bitcoin digital currency!

If you have questions or need help, please contact us:

  • E-mail address –
  • Facebook group
  • Website – 
  • Application
  • If you have a Mentor, feel free to contact them!
  • For more information, read the rules

What do you get when you start your Future Builder Programme?

Amount that can be entered
Ultra discounted rate
The „seed capital” for the first future builders
Digitally based, world-wide sustainable growth
Immediate full access to the tools of the system – right from the start

What is required?

Full verification (phone, IDs)
Initial amount + first monthly payment.
Non Hungarian resident.

Hungarian citizens have been eligible for discounted Future Builder Programmes since 2019, and with this programme we want to create opportunities for people living outside Hungary.

Extra tools and benefits for early entrants

Large amount of gift Smart Credit – creditworthiness, purchase limit for almost free
Extremely low cost of entry to create a replacement asset
Discounted exchange between internal assets

Thank you for building the financial-economic community of the future with us!

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