We are a community. People, entrepreneurs, organisations, more and more of us working towards a long-term sustainable economy based on community collaboration. We are building an ecosystem across many aspects of the economy and everyday life, which is about sustainable, value-rich and value-creating collaboration for all.

In this new system, we have a digital exchange tool, which we can access by selling our own surplus items, or we can create a „Smart Cover” that we can buy with traditional or digital money.

Our first members of our ecosystem who are paving the path to the future are early adopters, who are with us from the very beginning of the construction phase, when the foundations are being laid. With each purchase of a Smart Cover, they receive additional tools that can be used in the system, allowing them to build additional SmartCovers and create their own replacement assets quickly, easily and at a discount. Early joiners can share some of the benefits they gain with later joiners.

Smart cover for life

SCN is a social economy platform where we build a
sustainable future with smart solutions

You can create your own means of payment!

Collect smart assets
and exchange them for valuable goods or services!

You can be a FutureBuilder too

Discover our solutions, join our community,
learn and share your ideas with others!

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