Everyone has the opportunity to reach different milestones through the Mentoring Programme. Any newcomer can build a career by going through the process of becoming a Mentor, becoming not only an active member and user of the system, but also an operator. 

The job of a Mentor is not always easy, but it is a rewarding one, both because you gain extensive knowledge in a completely new field and because you can use this knowledge to pave the way for other members of the community to create a more sustainable and secure financial environment. You can work with people you enjoy spending time with, mentoring those you have invited into the system, but you also have the opportunity to mentor new people you have never met before.

To take on such a complex and responsible role, you need to have the right competences. The MentoringProgramme offers the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills, including sales, marketing, management/leadership, communications, event management, IT tools and programmes, not least in the field of community management.

By starting in the Mentoring Programme, you can become a Mentor by reaching successive levels progressing steadily. These levels are closely linked to SCN’s educational programme. In this way, the criteria and knowledge required to become a Mentor are gradually built up together. The professional skills and experience of mentor candidates who apply for the Mentor Programme are ensured through the fulfilment of increasing criteria, and the recognition of their work through ever-increasing entitlements, rewards and benefits.

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