The most important issues related to the SCN System
and understandable answers

Smart Crypto Note (SCN) is an open platform where anyone can issue their next-generation, covered digital currency.

The first such payment tool in the SCN system is CoverNote (CN).

CoverNote is powered by three additional digital payment tools: HARD, BitHard (BTH), and CovercasH (CH).

SCN’s connection to the coin world is provided by CoverCoin.

When you register for free, a FReeHard (FRH) gift of 0.04 BTC will be credited to the user’s wallet (it is 4 percent of the current BTC / BTH rate). In addition, the bonus is 200 FRH, which will be transferred to your wallet when 21 new members register via your invitation.

After verification, FReeHards will be converted to HARD, with 200 CoverNote (CN) issued to the user as a new gift from the system. (CoverNote issued but unused is most like a credit line on a bank current account, which has no cost or other implications – until it is used.)

This allows the user to try SCN without any risk with the digital payment received as a gift.


FReeHards and HARDs can be used to their full potential within 90 days of registration, thereafter for a limited period of 8 days, and will cease on Day 99.

CoverNote can be used within 5 years of its release. If not used, it will cease after 5 years. If it is used, it must also settle the CN debt within 5 years of issue.

(See the details of how gift digital payment works in the description of FReeHard, HARD, and CoverNote.)

Yes. Everything became something from scratch… 😉

But here we are almost there, because something has to be done to make something out of nothing: Register. After that, you can do something with the payment tools you have received, so you need to coop again: Verify and then sell 200 CNs… etc.

Similar to Bitcoin: once someone invented it, published it, a few started to deal with it, then more and more people, then László Hanyecz first paid with it, then more and more people started accepting it as people, and then it exploded, its cyclically rising exchange rate, then falling, then rising again, rising higher and then more and more were speculating on it … Now we’re here: a digital signal today is worth $ 3700-3800, or about $ 1-1.1 million .

So there is a working, existing, hundreds of times proven model for digital money that we have developed into a complete financial model that works globally. There is a special accumulation tool (BTH), a credit type instrument (CN), a small denomination and a high denomination currency (CC, CN, CH), so we have a system of money circulation. 

In addition, we will have a unique, innovative solution, decentralized, real-time blockchain-based community exchange rate control (DBR), which is the solution to the greatest difficulty of BTC, the elimination of high volatility.

So yes, we do something from scratch: a global thing.

CoverNote can be issued by any member of the SCN community. It is to be thought of as a credit line which, if used, must be repaid within 5 years of its issue. From an economic point of view, it is loan money and is covered by the assets of the issuer BiTHard. It is interest-free, but has a management fee of 5% of the amount of the issue, payable in BiTHard.

Uncovered CoverNote can only be sold within the system, while covered CoverNote can be purchased for tangible goods. Upon purchase, the user’s BiTHards are locked (the same as the amount of CN purchased by the user) and released when the CoverNote debt is paid. When settling a debt, CoverNote (should be by anyone then) is converted to CoverCash.

Mentor helps SCN partners work, develop and provide opportunities for those who do not have a personal invitation or referral to use the SCN system more easily. Mentors can earn a fixed monthly income from their work based on a reward and incentive scheme. (Ask your Mentor for details.)

Verification means that the user’s credentials are verified.

When it comes to things of this magnitude that security is so important, we need to see the meaning of the words.

So one of the concepts is Validation. Therefore, if we validate something, we accept it as valid, because it conforms to the rules that guarantee the correctness of that thing.

Verification, by contrast, means that I check the data needed to ensure that members of the system are fully secure and not tampered with by anyone who has dishonest intentions.

Imagine a situation where you make a risky economic decision and want to make sure your investment is safe, but because of the weakness of the system, someone hacks and generates a decision on your behalf that will make all your investments fail. You wouldn’t be happy with it and blame the system right away.

So, Verification can help prevent anyone from doing this and keep your investments 100% safe, no matter the limits.

I hope that with this little description we have succeeded in highlighting the importance of Verification.

Until verification is complete, the user will have limited access to the Smart Crypto Note system.

Please complete the verification process to ensure that your system is fully secure.

In the SCN system, the email address of the new registrant will be immediately confirmed, while your phone number and personal information will be verified separately during the verification process.

Verification can be initiated by the user through the web office (available later) or through the mobile application. You can verify your phone number with a phone call or SMS.

To verify your personal data, you will need to take photos of your required documents and upload them to the application or web agency (available later). These are checked as quickly as possible, within a maximum of 72 hours.

After completing the verification process and receiving a confirmation of it, the user becomes entitled to full use of the system (for example, may issue CoverNote).

Here you can see a video for verification.


The Smart Crypto Note system is developed and managed by Blockchain Solutions Zrt.

1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo u. 11

OTP 11708001-22240235 (HUF)

Cj: 01-10-049661 Asz: 26219590-2-41

Legal notice

The information contained herein is for the purpose of raising awareness and is not intended as an implementation of Act of CXXXVIII. 4 (2)  investment analysis according to paragraph 8.8 and investment advice pursuant to paragraph 9. Buying and managing digital money, working with startup companies is an extremely high risk, not suitable for everyone. There is also the possibility that you will lose your invested money. Before you make your financial decision, consult multiple sources, consult an independent expert or personal investment consultant if necessary.

Blockchain Solutions Zrt does not carry out activities subject to a financial license, does not manage users’ legal payment instruments (HUF, EUR), does not promise or pay any interest, yield, credit or brokerage. However, at the request of the user, it shall assist in the conversion of HUF and EUR into Bitcoin.

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