Smart crypto note

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Vision for Smart Crypto Note

The Smart Crypto Note provides a global, decentralized, independent trading and business platform for all members of society. This type of solution offers an ethical opportunity for security and growth that would not be possible with other financial structures currently available. The structure is capable of serving both commonplace (for example, real estate purchase) and investor needs. The success of SCN is ensured by the exceptional harmonisation of these two areas. Global organizational operations will be managed by a Malta-based holding company group, representing the individual and common interests of all participants locally and globally. (Currently, Malta has the most regulated and secure legal terms for blockchain-based systems and cryptocurrencies in the world.)

How can you use the SCN digital currencies?

These currencies provide cover for your goals, whether it’s buying real estate, a new car, building a safer financial future, or investing. Whatever your purpose, if you need capital to achieve your dream, the strength of our digital currencies will provide you with the support you need. 

The SCN system offers secure and ethical solutions to build and grow your wealth that will safeguard your well-being in the long run.

Why will the SCN system be blockchain-based?

Blockchain technology will soon revolutionize everything we know about security and administration. The blockchain system enables safer and radically faster administration. Block chain transactions are traceable and irreversible for everyone. Smart contracts contain all the information about the terms and conditions, and when the predetermined condition(s) are fulfilled, they automatically execute the activity, transaction or consequence linked to the given condition(s).

SCN is developing its own blockchain, which will be phased in in 2019. Until the blockchain is implemented, SCN’s digital payment instruments can be legally defined as „digital money substitutes”. After the introduction of the blockchain, they all become cryptocurrencies.

SCN's cryptocurrencies as an investment

SCN’s cryptocurrencies offer great investment opportunities. As with bitcoin, the value of SCN crypto currency is constantly changing. The SCN system offers the best opportunities for early investors.

By investing in early SCN cryptocurrency, you will be able to reap multiple rewards, as we have seen with Bitcoin.

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The Smart Crypto Note system is developed and managed by Blockchain Solutions Zrt.

1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo u. 11


OTP 11708001-22240235 (HUF)

Cj: 01-10-049661 Asz: 26219590-2-41

Legal notice

The information contained herein is for the purpose of raising awareness and is not intended as an implementation of Act of CXXXVIII. 4 (2)  investment analysis according to paragraph 8.8 and investment advice pursuant to paragraph 9. Buying and managing digital money, working with startup companies is an extremely high risk, not suitable for everyone. There is also the possibility that you will lose your invested money. Before you make your financial decision, consult multiple sources, consult an independent expert or personal investment consultant if necessary.

Blockchain Solutions Zrt does not carry out activities subject to a financial license, does not manage users’ legal payment instruments (HUF, EUR), does not promise or pay any interest, yield, credit or brokerage. However, at the request of the user, it shall assist in the conversion of HUF and EUR into Bitcoin.

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